Heerd about you…

the customer who
appreciates great service

Be rewarded for your feedback in leagues.

  • Quickly rate a
    person or place.

  • Recognise those individuals who deliver excellent service.

  • Share your favourite people and places with your friends.

Heerd about you…

the person who
delivers great service

Your personal league stature progresses from Performer, Hot, Star, and Rock Star, to ultimately being The One.

  • Heerd allows you to be recognised by your customers for doing what you do best: providing great service.

  • A unique Heerd ID and QR code is generated per position, letting customers quickly find and rate you.

  • Heerd’s league tables encourage friendly competitions among your peers by day, week, month and year.

Heerd about you…

the business that recognises the importance of great service

Heerd’s analytics portal allows for real-time and historical insight into customer sentiment

  • Track your team’s service standards by individual, location, timeframe and role.

  • Heerd’s comp set analytics allow you to compare your organization against your chosen competitors.

  • Heerd’s customer engagement platform lets you communicate directly with your best customers.


What Heerd does

  • Rate people

    Customers can quickly rate people who deliver great service in order to reward and recognise them.

  • Rate places

    Customers can easily rate businesses, helping them to improve and further satisfy customer’s expectations.

  • Share

    Share your experiences including your favourite servers and places with your friends on social media.

  • Join leagues

    Employees enter leagues associated with their workplaces, promoting healthy competition and a desire to improve.

  • Recognise performers

    Businesses can reward those employees who are consistently recognised by their customers for delivering great service.

  • Analyze sentiment

    Businesses have access to historical and live customer sentiment, leading to better training programmes, motivated teams and repeat customers.

  • Baseline competitors

    Businesses can compare their team’s service delivery standards against a chosen set of ‘white-washed’ competitor data.

  • Engage customers

    Businesses can connect directly with their customers, by encouraging additional feedback and rewarding those who rate the service.


Heerd in action

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